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Video Is Changing Things For Traditional Media

June 23, 2016

Since the advent of black & white TVs in the early sixties, the influenceof visual media has mesmerized one and all.  The influence of videos is so powerful that it has literally spelled the doom for many traditional media choices.  Be it entertainment, information sharing, pastime, or advertising; given a choice videos are alwaysthe preferred channel across all demographics.

The ability of man in understanding a given situation is greatly enhanced when it is presented before him through visuals. From super bowl commercials to blockbuster Hollywood trailers, video contents has the power to sway users  not only because it is captivating and pleasing to  the eye  but also arouses his interest in the product & brings him one step closer to the brand. This is primarily the reason why major companies across the globe spend considerable resources in perfecting a video strategy. The impact of any resource is amplified with the help of a refined video strategy. So if you are creating your marketing collaterals, or shaping your marketing plans, you can be certain that the right video content will yield the best return on your investments.

The role of video production companies:


The basic attitude for any successful business should be  : do what you are good at, and leave the rest to the best. So if you understand the mechanics involved in building a next-gen car, manufacture one; if you have the best techies at your disposal focus their treasured minds on creating the next big thing in IT.

Today's world has such abundance of human resources that all your other worries can be taken care of by the best in the industry. So when you are in need of telling your story – whether it is through infomercials, sales videos, advertising or corporate branding; seek the services of professionals.This is where the video production strategists and technicians come handy. Creating a perfect video content that conveys the principles of your brand as well as connects with the audience is an art in itself.

The first step towards creating a perfect video content is ideating precisely what you need. Conceiving an idea is hard in itself, implementing it is harder still. Hence even the bigger names, do not get into the intricacies of production and instead work closely with the creative minds of video production companies to ensure their ideas are visualized perfectly.

Videos as a Marketing Instrument:

BON_Blog2.pngThere can only be two ways to sell your product: either you take it to the customer or he comes to you. In the world of marketing these are conveniently called push and pull strategies. There is no better way to convey either of these but through videos. A compelling video content has the power to make all other traditional media marketing efforts irrelevant and insignificant.

There are different ways on how agencies create persuasive videos to woo the consumer.  It could be done through a single advertising commercial focusing on sales promotions or through a series of videos that define the brand and connects with a desired audience. Alternatively, some would prefer to take the unconventional route and createviral videos that strike a chord with the social media audience.  Whatever the need be, if strategized and implemented well, there will always be a visually appealing solution to almost any marketing paradigm.

The Video Content marketplace:


Today there are many video production houses- big and small, offering a host of video content services. There are also thousands of organizations and individuals in need of creative as well as technically perfect videos.Yet, most of these organizations outsource their marketing efforts to different agencies thatoften specialize in traditional media marketing and cannot deliver on video content.

Either these organizations, or the agencies assigned by them, would then have the additional burden of scouting for specialized video production houses. A video content market place would be the perfect space for these agencies,organizationsand individuals to hunt for their preferred video resources.A video marketplace would not only help showcase the wide variety of skills of different production units but also render them competitive to small and medium enterprises as well as individual entrepreneurs. Such content marketplaces would provide the ideal platform to create, source and standardize contents by connecting all stake holders in the video production industry including writers, directors, and production houses with companies, institutions and individuals seeking creative video solutions for marketing or any other needs.

The role of videos will only become much more relevant as the influence of Digital Media and Internet spreads. It might throw all other forms of traditional media into incongruity. So if you still have not thought about a video content, you are missing out. It’s high time to revamp your marketing strategy.

Abhinav Kumar

Written by Abhinav Kumar

Digital Marketer-International Business-Bon Cloud.